1 January

Lighting for bloggers

There is a large number of different studio lights for lighting during filming, but the most popular is the constant light, consisting of energy-saving lamps, a diffuser (softbox) and a rack. The main criterion for buying is the PRICE, the size of the equipment (usually the shooting takes place at home, and places as always there are few), the life of the lighting. Lamps should shine white, sunlight 5500K, if it fails you can always buy in our store, the softbox is designed to create a softer "volumetric" and beautiful lighting, they vary in size, for shooting up to the belt 40 * 40cm, height shooting 60 * 90cm etc. You can buy more expensive LED photo equipment, but it is intended for other purposes and types of shooting.

In our online store we will help you find the right lighting for your shooting.

Lighting for bloggers

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