Home photo studio Godox MiniMaster 150 VM -2 kit

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Home photo studio Godox MiniMaster 150 VM -2 kit

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A set of studio light Godox Mini Master 150 VM-kit, includes everything you need for full-time photography at home. Two flashes of 150J, a softbox plus a skald photophone allow you to make high-quality photographs, both in high-definition and in the waistband. The radio synchronizer is a necessary attribute of studio equipment, it synchronizes flash simultaneously, it is very convenient to use in a limited space (no extra wires, it is convenient to expose lighting equipment ), The studio bag can quickly add up all the equipment, honeycomb, curtains, filters, (BD100) makes it possible to highlight the background, the light to make directional (portrait shooting)

      Background folding (on the spring) black 210cm * 150cm
     Studio flash Godox 150J
     Smooth power adjustment 1 / 8-100%
     Photo sensor: yes
     Pilot light: 2х75 Wt
     Recharge time: 1 sec
     Tilt forward / backward: yes
     Minimum height of racks: 0.8 m
     Maximum height of racks: 2.3 m
     Umbrella white for a gap of diameter 110cm)

Home photo studio Godox MiniMaster 150 VM -2 kit

     Flash Mini Master 150J - 2pcs
     Studio racks Weifeng W803 (72-220cm)
     Softbox universal 60 * 90cm - 1pc
     Photo background folding (black) - 1pc
     White Umbrella for Clearance 110cm - 1pc
     Honeycombs, curtains, filters BD 100 - 1pcs
     Radio synchronizer RT-04 - 1 piece
     Bag for photo equipment CB - 05 - 1pcs

The guarantee for a set for a home photo studio is 12 months.

At the request of the client, the complete set of the studio set can be changed, call us.

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